How To Be A Student-Athlete-Employee Without Losing Your Mind

I would think I already know the nitty-gritty of “managing” time, but no. I eventually realized that any attempt to manage time is useless because we cannot manage something we do not own and control in the first place. But we can steward it and surrender it to God because it has been given to us – in a form that is short therefore precious.


Three Lessons from Three Years of Tennis Coaching

It is dreading to try to meet everyone’s needs and expectations. Jesus even identified a similar people-pleasing tendency in His disciples. They were torn between obligations to others and obedience to Him. They wanted to follow Jesus but on their terms, and Jesus challenged this kind of thinking. Jesus called them back to Himself with the unspoken question: Who are you going to please first?

Why We Decided to Coach

We are not the best tennis coach in town and AR Tennis is not the best tennis camp there is. Martin and I are just two selfish human beings with short imperfect lives to live who decided to become a tennis coach for the glory of God.

We cannot promise our students a Federer or Serena-like tomorrow. We cannot promise our students to become as fast as Djokovic or as strong as Sharapova after any session. But there is one thing we can assure our students of: Without Christ, we are nothing.