To the Ladies I Intentionally Meet Up Every Week

It is still clear to me how I met you for the first time, how we had that first conversation about the gospel, and how we had our first Bible study date ever. Since then, God allowed many unforgettable moments in our relationship as friends but more importantly as family.


Dear Discouraged Discipler

I know what it feels like.

You ask them how they are and you try to reach out to them in love, but they do not respond. You wrestle in prayer for them everyday, but they do not even ask how you are. You try to be there for them in good times and in bad, yet they ignore you when things are not going their way. And in your attempt to love them by letting the Word of God speak to them, they take it against you.

But out of Christ’s love, you still protect them, trust them, hope in them and persevere in them (1 Corinthians 13). And out of Christ’s truth, you continue to love them.