An Open Letter to My 2017 LDI Batchmates

Let me just begin by stating the obvious: I miss you all.

It has been a week since we had our last photos together. Remembering our graduation day still brings a bittersweet nostalgia. Browsing through my camera roll and even more so our Facebook messenger groups bring hollowness in my heart. I would tear up while listening to Hillsong’s What A Beautiful Name and I would mope around remembering our fun moments together.


Sharing the Gospel to my Atheist Father

Most people know that my younger sister and I grew up without a father by our side. Growing up, I held on to the conclusion that my mom and dad broke up because of personality differences or unfavorable circumstances. But later on, I realized that my mom and dad’s marriage did not work out the way God intended it to be because Jesus was not in the center of their relationship.