Sharing the Gospel to my Atheist Father

Most people know that my younger sister and I grew up without a father by our side. Growing up, I held on to the conclusion that my mom and dad broke up because of personality differences or unfavorable circumstances. But later on, I realized that my mom and dad’s marriage did not work out the way God intended it to be because Jesus was not in the center of their relationship.


My Mom Started Sharing the Gospel!

God is working faithfully in my mom’s life. Character-building is not an overnight thing, and saying ‘Yes’ to Jesus everyday is not a comfortable journey to take. But God’s grace makes it all worth it. I am still in awe of how God is working faithfully in the life of my mom and my family.

My Mom, Sister and Jesus

But I remember the first few weeks of my relationship with God. He spoke to me a lot about forgiveness and how important it is to restore my relationship with my family. Then I would grudgingly respond to Him with “But God, that’s too hard. The damage is impossible to restore”.

Until one day, the person who shared to me the gospel said, “Go home. Start your new life in Christ with your family”.