Life Lessons from an Anaesthesiologist

This is my ate/sis Gina. She is a Christian who happened to be an anaesthesiologist. Aside from having the same name as my mom, I like my ate Gina because of her charm and humility. In spite her many degrees, her profession and many academic accomplishments, she wouldn’t trade her heart for the Lord more than anything else. And people at church admire her because of her character. Here are some of the many lessons I learnt from her and the way she lives her life:



Doctors are excessively busy. They are not just into all the readings and research, they are dealing with and taking care of lives. Though fulfilling and inspiring, their profession is hectic and tiring. ‘Hectic’ or ‘Tiring’ is even an understatement. But whenever I witness how my ate Gina juggles her academic work, hospital assignments, ministry appointments, discipleship schedule, personal time with the Lord and family obligations, I could not help but be amazed of how God uses and blesses people who would choose to be chosen.

Of course, we almost always see her sleepless and tired, but in her frustrations and stress, she would still think of others more than herself. Coming from hectic and dramatic medical operations, she would consistently arrive in our weekly Bible studies with the joy to even ask how we are and how our families are. She would minister to us even with less than two hours of sleep, and still make time to share the gospel to friends and strangers even with appointments one after another.

And the more inspiring part is: She never brags about her profession nor discuss about how busy she is. What usually comes out of her mouth are words of encouragement, jokes and stories to cheer us up, and wise/godly advice.


I remember going out with ate Gina one evening, and approaching a group of strangers who happened to be college students. Ate Gina shared the gospel to them and one of the students bombarded her with questions regarding the credibility of the verses she was sharing. I have encountered people like this before, but the way the student spoke was rather sarcastic and disrespectful. Honestly, the tone of his voice got me annoyed. In my head, I was like “Excuse me, mister. Do you know who the heck you are talking to?!” Unfortunately, my sensitivity and temper got me foolish and distracted from praying.

Ate Gina remained calm in responding to him and continued sharing the gospel with boldness. Praise God, they (including the young man) received Jesus in their hearts. Afterwards, I asked ate Gina if she felt annoyed or distracted with the way the student reacted. This is what she told me: “It’s okay. He was not doubting or disrespecting me. He was doing it to Jesus”. Her response and example reminded me of what Jesus says in Luke 10:16, “Whoever listens to you listens to me; whoever rejects you rejects me; but whoever rejects me rejects him who sent me”. Though I took the situation too personally, ate Gina took it as an opportunity to continue following the way of Jesus – though mocked and laughed at, He continued proclaiming the only Way to eternal Life.

Ate Gina uses her time and profession as means to serve the Lord and win people for Christ rather than using it as an excuse not to.

Jesus is the epitome of humility. He did not have to go here to serve us, die on the cross for us or to save us from all our sins. He could have just been like, “I’m the Son of God regardless if you acknowledge me or not, so I’ll just be here and watch all of you, the sinful and the hopeless, die and go to hell”. Instead, He humbled Himself before us, went out of His comfort zone, came not to be served but to serve, and gave His life as a ransom for many (Matthew 20:28). He is already Lord of all yet He chose to love us first. Jesus used His position and authority to honor the Lord and make disciples, rather than using it as a reason to be complacent and comfortable.



I also enjoy having ‘love life’ conversations with ate Gina. And by “love life”, we mean ‘how to train ourselves to be godly’, ‘how to deal with suitors’, ‘how to manage ones’ emotions’, etc. My most memorable conversation with her was during a Korean dinner date (also with ate Vivian and Marilyn) when we were discussing personal life goals. She said, “People will demand you of many things. Graduate college, then have a job, then have a boyfriend, then have a husband, then have kids, then have grandkids. But is that the only purpose we have? To have grandkids then just die?”

This wise advice reminded me that life is not about who we are or what we can do, but about who we are in Christ and what God can do in our lives. This wise advice also reminded me that insecurities/or the need to be secured can only be solved if we allow Jesus to fill us in.

Of course, nobody is ever right before the Lord (Romans 3:10). Not you, not I, not even ate Gina. At the end of the day, Jesus is our justification and best example (John 13:15). But I am thankful because God allowed me to be friends with women like her – women not swallowed up by career titles or academic accomplishments, but one who is relying on God to be the woman He wants her to be.




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