My Mom Started Sharing the Gospel!

God is working faithfully in my mom’s life. Character-building is not an overnight thing, and saying ‘Yes’ to Jesus everyday is not a comfortable journey to take. But God’s grace makes it all worth it. I am still in awe of how God is working faithfully in the life of my mom and my family.

My mom accepted Jesus as her Lord and personal Savior early this year. But actually, someone shared to her the gospel many years ago already. In fact, I still remember my four-year old-self throwing a tantrum in a Sunday school just so I can sit sleep beside my mom while she attends a worship service with her amigas. Unfortunately, my mom backslid. My altarboy-turned-atheist father told her to stop going to church because according to him, Christians are foolish people. My mom insisted on her choice but eventually gave up. Then infidelity and dishonesty came in to ruin our family causing my mom and dad to separate when I was really, really young.

Today, by God’s grace, my mom is living and growing in her new life in Christ. She stumbled (big time) but God was steadfastly holding her right hand making sure she won’t fall.


Few weeks ago, she began taking her Bible study-meet ups more seriously. She also became more diligent with her Quiet Time, and more involved in church family gatherings. Whenever we’d eat together, she would share to me the things she learnt about God and the verses that struck her that day. One time, a lady around her 50’s shared in one of our cell groups her struggle to memorize verses because of her age. Then my mom, in a gentle way, said, “That used to be my excuse, too!” Then she started giving Biblical advice to the lady, encouraging her to continue dwelling into Scripture.

This is actually very surprising encouraging since I’ve seen my mom struggle with pride and bitterness when she began her walk with the Lord. I even remember how much she disliked her discipler (which is, praise God, also my discipler!) for being too “pushy” to meet up with her for weekly Bible studies. But few days ago, she realized her arrogance and told me that she is actually very thankful to God today because our discipler did not give up on her. God did not give up on her.

My mom’s change of heart is all by grace through faith. It is an answered prayer, yet we continue to pray.


I received a text message from my mom while I was at work the other day. And it was not the usual Have-you-eaten or Hows-work kind of text; it was a text telling me that she shared the gospel to a friend while having lunch. She told me how nervous and excited she was especially when her friend accepted Jesus in his life. Of course, her first ever experience to intentionally share who Jesus is to others was the first story I heard when I arrived home that day. I truly praise God for this.

Then the next day, my mom texted me again while at work. She said, “I invited students to our home tomorrow night. Please pray for me. I will share the gospel to them”. I nodded in amazement. My heart was filled with joy and praise to God because of this Holy Spirit-convicting initiative.

Tonight, ten souls said ‘Yes’ to Jesus. Indeed, praise the Lord! It was all because of His doing. All of it! We continue to pray for the guidance and protection of my mom and my family. And we will also continue to pray for the people whom my mom have shared/ will share the gospel to.

We do not have a big house and my mom does not have a fancy business. My mom is not very confident speaking in front of people and she is easily carried away by emotions. She still stutters with verses when she shares, but I praise God because He uses small things and human weaknesses to build up His Kingdom.

We grew up in a broken family, but God made it whole again.

His cup overflows.



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