The Verse about the Birds

Few Sundays ago after a worship service, as I was accompanying one of my high school best friends to the parking lot, one of them enthusiastically told me, “Trudy, at one point, I could not understand the Bible and so I prayed. Then suddenly, the chapter made sense and He really talked to me. He even called me a fool!”

I asked her why. And my best friend said, “He told me not to worry because He takes care of the birds”. Both of us laughed because we knew how Luke 12:22-26 makes sense.

This best friend of mine is actually taking up law and now in her junior year. She is really hardworking and smart. But as we all know, these do not make law school less demanding. Yet despite her sleepless weeks and draining academic requirements, she was able to find comfort in God’s word.


Two weeks after, three of my Churchmates (including this best friend of mine) and I went to a cozy coffee shop along Taft. The coffee shop allows its guests to post/write anything on the wall. As we were going through the wall of thoughts and emotions brought to you by carefree college kids, I saw a post-it with a note which says, “that in all things, God may be glorified.” It caught my attention because of its bold intention. Out of the hundred writings on the wall, someone chose to share God’s word.

After I pointed out the post-it note to my Churchmates, we decided to post Bible verses on the wall, too. Then with an excited tone, my best friend told me, “Let’s write the verse about the birds!” She was referring to Luke 12:22-26.

I could not help but laugh. She wanted to encourage someone with the verse that encouraged her.

And just last Sunday, our Pastor’s witty message was “God loves you because He takes care of the birds.” Yes, Luke 12:22-26 was “coincidentally” shared to me again. Only this time, it is with Matthew 6:25-34.

This past week was full of worries. Wait, let me rephrase that: This past week, I have been worrying about things that I should not worry about. I was worried about the clothes I should wear, the food that I should eat, the amount of money I should save and spend, the workload that I need to accomplish, plans for next year, what people would say about me and everything that God told me not to worry about.

I have been so full of myself.  I have been so worried that my heart of gratitude towards the Lord weakened.

But yet again, our God never fails. Today, I woke up with a heart renewed to focus on God and His love for me. He reminded me of His love and sovereignty. He reminded me of my ever-excited best friend, the coffee shop story, our Pastor’s witty message and Luke 12:22-26. He reminded me of who I am in Christ. He reminded me of my family and ministry. He reminded me of the life that Jesus paid for.

And we know that this grace and hope only comes from the Lord. He loves us because He takes care of the birds. We do not need to worry.


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